Planning and Strategic Management Process Texas

Our action plan keeps your brand in focus…

We organize every project and every campaign around five phases of cumulative activity, so we have the right information when we need it, and can efficiently generate the promised results and long term success for any type of product or service business.


Define an enterprise strategy with cohesive alignment to your business, marketing, and customer needs.


Build an informed, scalable plan that addresses how you should engage multi-channel audiences.


Establish content and delivery protocols, mapped to key performance indicators (KPIs). 


Apply creative, production, and media resources to position your brand and deliver your message.


Refine and strengthen your brand recognition by monitoring results and anticipating competitive activity.


  • Meet with internal stakeholders
  • Evaluate existing brand and brand architecture
  • Audit marketing and communications assets
  • Review competitive landscape and market trends


  • Define goals and objectives
  • evelop brand strategy, positioning, and value proposition
  • Define and segment potential customers and personas
  • Develop or add to a marketing and media plan


  • Establish brand voice, look, and feel
  • Develop wireframes and outlines
  • Present design concepts, copy platforms, and call to action
  • Refine and finalize selected options


  • Develop content
  • Solidify schedule
  • Produce marketing assets
  • Launch


  • Track and report results
  • Assess and modify for ROI
  • Continue with modified plan
  • Monitor, analyze, and adjust as needed