Digital Marketing Planning and Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy & Digital Planning

Digital strategy is a constantly changing combination of art, science, and scale. You can employ technologies and media to drive organic performance, promote specific behaviors and achieve marketing objectives, while continually testing and tuning your approach. The biggest challenges are the overwhelming number of choices and lack of visibility on what works best. We make it all make sense.

Digital marketing made simple

The biggest hurdle to any digital marketing program is the complexity of all that is available to promote your products and services. There are so many options, and no one individual can do it all. How do you decide which social media properties you need? How do you know if pay-per-click is right for you, or what keywords will get you maximum traction on search?

We won’t mystify you with exotic terms like canonical reviews, XML sitemap, schema implementation, Robots.txt, and configuration for PII. Yeah, we do all that, but we’re here for one reason and that’s to improve your online presence and keep it simple.

We’re driven by the data

We work with clients to help them improve their online experiences. Every engagement starts with a digital marketing audit that unearths opportunities and provides insights that inform digital strategy, search, and social selling.

High Bandwidth believes that digital marketing success is achieved by creating programs that don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all approach. Our SEO experts, data scientists, content marketers, and growth hackers work with your company to find the most relevant digital marketing components to fit your budget and impact your bottom line and provide you a constant method to evaluate success. 

How We Create SEO and SEM Online Marketing Strategies

We start with an audit that pinpoints the relevancy of your online footprint. We’ll dig into the data to validate the true performance metrics of your website. We’ll analyze your social media properties to find gaps and uncover opportunities. Our competitive analysis will generate valuable insights on the keywords and search trends that are driving online traffic in your industry, and that’s just for starters. We can also customize your audit so that you get the exact insight you need.

Define A Digital Strategy With Our Deep-Dive Workshops

Strategy is the foundation of any digital marketing program. High Bandwidth believes that in order to be successful, we must first immerse ourselves in your business and fully understand what you do through our deep-dive workshops. From there, we can build an actionable plan of attack that utilizes the right tools as listed below.

  • Social Media
    These are the pathways for social content that you create and own, which can position your company as an authority in the marketplace and keep it top of mind and ahead of important issues.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    SEO refines the structural integrity of your website and other properties, so you advance to the top of the search results for key phrases your buyers use when seeking your services.
  • Content Marketing
    This is the portfolio of material that tells your story—Blogs, Videos, Infographics, E-books, Case Studies, and more.
  • Email Marketing
    Your email marketing effectiveness is only as good as the quality of your lists, so we work with you on subscriber management as well as messaging and design, testing, and automation, and develop a strategy to grow your base, increase open and click-through rates, generate leads and retain customers.
  • Paid Search
    This is another High Bandwidth core competency—planning, designing, targeting, and managing paid search for maximum effectiveness, and cost-efficiency. Our proven techniques will win new customers and earn a superior return on investment.
  • Analytics
    We apply comprehensive analytics tracking to assess results against KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), create custom dashboard reports, and continuously adjust and refine campaigns to achieve the desired results.

Digital Strategy Case Study: CyrusOne

CyrusOne (NASDAQ: CONE) empowers the world’s leading companies with connectivity solutions and data centers, with a network of  50 facilities in key North American, South American, European, and Asian markets. Global firms seeking enterprise colocation solutions have consistently selected CyrusOne while its strong growth over the past 16 years has made it the third-largest data center provider in the U.S.


From 2016 to 2018 CyrusOne looked to High Bandwidth to build their digital footprint and nurture high-funnel prospects into customers while promoting value to fortune 1000 companies around the world. 


To support the channel spectrum of potential clients, we rebuilt the CyrusOne site to improve SEO from a technical perspective. We developed a robust digital marketing mix to address buyers at every stage of their journey and built a robust Data Center Build vs. Lease Analysis Tool.

Blog posts supported early awareness, with over 5% of unique page views (UPVs) on the CyrusOne website coming from blog posts, while PR secured 3.4% of total UPVs.

We supported late awareness efforts with executive reports and case studies, allowing capture of contact information for further lead nurturing.


  • Year-over-year, CyrusOne grew traffic to the site by 42.6% with most of those sessions (71.5%) coming from New Visitors to the site.
  • 19 states represent 80% of the Fortune 1000 markets. We helped generate 83% market penetration into these geographic areas through our online efforts.
  • Updates to the website increased Top 10 ranking results by 120%, and the volume of terms being ranked in the Top 100 increased by over 1000% year over year.
  • Geo-based searches for CyrusOne generated approximately 30K organic impressions each month.
  • Over 6,500 sessions were sourced back to a Fortune 1000 IP address which aligns with strategic audience goals.

Impressions on 28 days

Keywords in the Top 100

Keywords in the Top 10

Keywords in the Top 3