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Mobile App & WordPress Website Development

Website development is one of our core practices here at High Bandwidth. We specialize in marketing automation tools like HubSpot and Pardot, as well as mobile app and software development. We are WordPress and WooCommerce website development experts and will work with you on any desired range of platforms to meet your evolving brand needs. Need a Shopify site? How about a Drupal or Umbraco content management system? We can help with all your mobile application and website development needs!

Simple websites, CRM integration, and complex enterprise applications

High Bandwidth has been building websites since the early days of the internet and mobile apps since the birth of the iPhone. Since then, a lot has changed and our experience over the years has been instrumental in honing our process to deliver results-driven web applications that are seamless, scalable, and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of business today.

Our thorough and methodical planning process ensures we build the right set of tools that solve your challenges.

We don’t take a one size fits all approach. Our projects are built from the ground up based on your unique set of business requirements and we ensure they are aligned with your mission and strategy.

We’re not your vendor; We’re your partner ready to deliver results

There are plenty of developers out there that can launch a website or mobile app in a few days on a small budget with little thought to strategy, content, and design.

We know that for most growing businesses this is not enough, and every entrepreneur, marketing director, or CEO has a unique set of challenges when it comes to the mission of their website. Our job is to work with our clients as a partner and provide value at every stage of a business’ life cycle.

We’re here to provide support for ALL our clients’ web needs long after the initial launch. This includes providing ongoing updates and web maintenance, lead generation, and digital marketing.

Our Approach for WordPress Web Design

A key component of any engagement with High Bandwidth is a website or mobile app audit powered by a set of detailed wireframes. At High Bandwidth, we start your path to success with a discovery session to understand your main marketing challenges and goals. We utilize this information to define a plan that leads you to ultimate success. We’ll then take those insights and build a brief based on the four key pillars listed below.

Content hierarchy through wireframes

Our wireframes enlighten and empower our clients. They help define the core message and  establish agreement on navigation and content hierarchy before design begins, clearing the path ahead for an efficient creative process.

WordPress Web Design Dallas TX

Design mockups with purpose

We don’t use canned templates and we don’t recycle past work. We custom design our themes for each client. Our designers create unique mockups that provide a range of options for selection and refinement before proceeding to programming.

WordPress Website Development Company Dallas

Agile web programming that stays on schedule

An approved design clears the path to development and programming, all part of a transparent, well-communicated master schedule and agile process geared to key milestones and completion criteria. Our development team applies a range of proven talents to address client requirements. Their goal is to always build the lightest weight, best performing site possible within the project parameters.

Our mobile app development is tailored to client business requirements or a functional specification. Our website development skills extend to .NET, PHP, and Shopify, but we recommend WordPress and WooCommerce as the best platforms for open-source flexibility, intuitive content management, and freedom from the narrow confines of proprietary programs.

WordPress Themes and Sites

  • We use the Gutenberg platform, with the latest performance innovations and customization opportunities
  • We integrate the Genesis platform, for adaptability with framework layers
  • We program using Divi platform, combining strong, scalable features and team-oriented visual interface for client-managed updates

WordPress Custom Plug-ins and Applications

  • We utilize theme and plug-in audits for diagnostics and alignment with best practices
  • We provide insights and selection of third-party developers to add new functionality
  • We implement a streamlined web maintenance process for precise long-term outcomes

WordPress Optimizations

  • We increase speed and performance with image optimization and similar tools
  • We meet requirements with minimal external resources
  • We implement the latest security protocols

Web Applications Case Study: Omegasonics

Omegasonics is the leading manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems and has a roster of global customers that is the envy of every competitor in the country. They supply equipment to over 20 industries and their technology uses hot water and environmentally friendly soap solutions. Omegasonics replaces traditional cleaning methods that include time-consuming hand-scrubbing with dangerous toxic solvents.


As part of its process of working with customers to create custom solutions, Omegasonics had amassed a tremendous library of content. Part of our challenge involved putting these resources to work to cultivate user interest while improving  search performance. We determined that efficiently channeling visitors through the wealth of industry-specific product information and providing clear next steps would be the keys to engagement.


We adopted a tiered system of concise, specific mega-menus and landing pages for each critical segment, previewing application content with the ability to select more detail. This enabled us to organize hundreds of pages of information and create a coherent process for visitors to consume at their own pace. Tier One provides just enough content to establish interest, while Tier Two adds specifics and prepares the visitor for an inquiry or discussion with an Omegasonics expert.

The site combines the WordPress Divi and WooCommerce platforms for scalability and customization and the ability to add specific functions as needs evolve. Security integrations include WordFence, which provides real-time visibility into user traffic, and safeguards against hack attempts.


High Bandwidth provides ongoing support to deliver new product and specification content as it is released, and to refine search capabilities as new algorithms appear.

  • Organic traffic is up more than a 100% since launch of this site.
  • New users are up 112%
  • Average time spent on pages is up over 200%
  • Over 60% of new revenue can be tracked to the websit
  • The investment has paid for itself 5X