Raul Varela


Cape flailing in the wind and bear claw in hand, this fearless leader knows how to win the big account. Multi-tasking at a superhero level, Raul leads HB from one challenge to the next faster than you can say, “Lorem ipsum.”

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Bill Restmeyer


This man eats, sleeps, and breathes communication and account management. Bill’s natural talent and experience for client-side interactions are truly breathtaking. It’s been said he can sense a deadline half a year away.

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Shelby Williams


Surveying the landscape for businesses in need, Shelby’s strategic vision pierces the fog of corporate gobbledy-gook to see the true heart of opportunity and growth for our clients. His deep experience in digital transformation helps clients shine.

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Dustin Collins


Ready to seize opportunities and build client relationships before most people even process them. This “Go-getter” refined his mastery of raising capital and managing sales teams in the oil and gas industry.

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Lyndsie Dittberner


A fierce competitor who plays to win at all costs, this creative elite sees every new project as an exciting game, ready to spring into artistic adventure at a moment’s notice. She is ambitious, calculating, and her commitment to perfection fuels her inner beast.

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Nathan Westfall


This creative storyteller uses his powers of charisma, strategic thinking, and dependability to narrate the day-to-day at HB. With his keen expertise in digital marketing and organization, Nathan ensures the success of each project from start to finish.

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Jana Perez


This category 5 organizational hurricane can multi-task like a boss: managing projects, billing, creative, proposals, personnel, and more. Jana wields her problem-solving expertise with more gusto than Athena herself.

In Memoriam, Jana Perez 1966-2021

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Andrea Sobotor


She’s known in secret circles of the client-sphere as the “Data Diva.” Don’t let her falsies fool you, her statistical analysis expertise brings insights and data-based strategic suggestions. She’s our secret weapon with southern charm.

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Danielle Shermer


Need to make a reel? Don’t know what hashtags are? Need a social media strategy? Danielle is your girl! She knows how to boost your socials to the next level and drive sales like you wouldn’t believe.

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Trudy Woodruff


A strategic super sleuth and marketing relationship specialist on the hunt for clues within brands and consumer communities. Data-driven with a hint of creative curiosity, Trudy connects the dots digitally and IRL, and excels at leading teams collaboratively to champion ROI.

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Meredith Costello


Meredith has a brilliant super power—she is an adapter. She works well under the pressure of unforeseen circumstances to support her team. From managing social media, email, & SMS/MMS campaigns, to analyzing marketing trends and campaign reporting—Meredith can handle it all!

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Alex Charest


This dual-powered designer combines logic with artistry to create experiences that are as intuitive as they are delightful. On her quest to solve users’ problems, she’s always eager to tackle the next journey.

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Alex “A-2” Chauvin


A passionate and motivated creator. This dedicated designer takes every project with renewed fervor, crafting unique and enriching experiences with a wide expertise in digital design, illustration, and animation.

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Jane Pak


Always striving to overachieve, this undercover super creative works in the shadows, winning over the toughest clients. She’s never more than a whisper away from unleashing her secret powers and tackling any design challenge.

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Shanice Burgess


When it comes to quirk, this dedicated designer’s intuition is surpassed only by her undefeatable positivity; her amazing and cheerful greeting can bewitch even the grumpiest of muggles—we mean clients.

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Levi Ness


Armed with his pixel pistol and an insatiable appetite to best any problem, Levi’s pragmatic approach to design and development makes him quicker than the Flash and more handsome than Incredible Hulk.

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