Deedra Baker


Deedra finds pride in working hard and giving every project she touches 110%. She learns quickly on the job and drives the processes behind High Bandwidth. Learning from the best in the biz, Jana Perez, Deedra is thrilled to take on her role of Director of Operations.

With a background in visual arts, Deedra’s creative eye and attention to detail allows her to shine as she supports the HB Team. When she’s not coordinating operations at High Bandwidth, Deedra is teaching photography at Texas Christian University and making her own artwork.


• Clicking my ruby red slippers
• Laughing at my own jokes first
• Observing the light


• Lover of art
• Avid TV/movie watcher
• This isn’t dog hair—it’s beagle glitter


• Eagle eye
• Organization guru
• Using the Oxford comma